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Sound Courses

Level 1 Sound

Level 2 Sound

Camera Courses

Level 1 Camera

Level 2 Camera

Camera Assistant Course - Two days

Level 1 Sound - Two days

An introductory course for students, sound trainees and assistants.
The Diary Agency's award winning Sound Recordists aim to deliver a comprehensive understanding of their equipment through practical demonstrations.

To include the following:

  1. Recording for Film and TV.
  2. Overview of Location Sound Recordist's basic kit.
  3. Application of Microphones & Radio Mics.
  4. Links to Camera: wired and wireless.
  5. Following a soundtrack from location to transmission.
  6. Introduction to Level 2 topics: Back up recordings/ stereo/timecode / wireless.

Participants will complete the course as a sound trainee, with the ability to record broadcast quality sound. Armed crucial inside knowledge, participants will now be ready to seek vital work experience with Industry technicians. 


Level 2 Sound - One or Two days

Aimed at developing the existing theoretical and practical knowledge of Sound Assistants and Recordists, this can be a 1 or 2 day course depending on the level of each individual's experience.
The level 2 course gives a comprehensive understanding of separate sound, which will include the following:

  1. Separate Sound: History/Advantages
  2. Formats
  3. Post production requirements
  4. SMPTE Timecode and synchronisation.
  5. Transcription recording
  6. Wireless link to camera and backing up
  7. Stereo mic techniques used in TV

Participants complete the course with a deeper understanding of separate sound theory as well as an awareness of the more complex recording devices, an area of the industry that is continually developing.

Level 1 Camera - Two Days

An introductory course for students, camera trainees or assistants.
Learning from The Diary Agency's award winning Cameramen, participants will have practical knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of the equipment involved.
This course will include:

  1. Terminology
  2. Setting Up
  3. Maintenance
  4. Filters
  5. Depth of Field
  6. Lenses
  7. Composition
  8. Basic Lighting
  9. Exposure Latitude & Colour Balance

Participants will complete the course as a camera trainee, having acquired the essential knowledge required to seek vital work experience in the industry, as well as having had the opportunity to learn invaluable insider's tips and tricks whilst working with professional Industry technicians.

Level 2 Camera - Two days

This course is designed for camera assistants and operators who are looking to understand the techniques involved with Observational Documentary filming.

This will include:

  1. Lens/ Depth of Field/ Filters
  2. Composition: Hand held & Tripod Mounted
  3. Dolllies/ Jibs/ Car Mounts Explained
  4. Having the right rig for the shoot
  5. Lighting Techniques - plus creative use of available light
  6. Understanding sequences and story telling
  7. Working with a director and understanding styles
  8. Understanding the sound recordist's needs
  9. Shooting with the cutting room in mind.

The two day course fine tunes existing skills and offers practical experience on advanced techniques necessary for presenter led productions, multiple camera shoots and lighting.  This is complemented by the theory behind on-set etiquette and the use of high quality kit, guided by the most demanded professionals in their field.


Camera Assistant Course - Two days

Clapper Loading & Focus Pulling: Intro to Film and Video

Details to follow...


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