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I have a great love for my work in fact, it’s my passion, not a job. I seem to learn something new each week about the world, about sound and about myself. Over the course of my career I have filmed on boats, in helicopters, cars, up mountains, deserts, down caves and occasionally just in London. I have a very solid technical knowledge but essentially it boils down to this; making a film is all about trust and a team effort, not about gear. Creating the right environment to help enable my own, and other people's, creativity is something I pride myself on. My kit is comprehensive, whatever the requirements are for your film, Iʼm sure Iʼll be able to provide it. 


Originally from New York City Andrew has over 25 year’s professional freelance experience working in Film and Television production as a sound recordist/mixer. He is the owner of a complete documentary and drama package.  His extensive travel with work has taken him to over 85 countries including both the North and South poles. Andrew has a strong interest in the narrative and the grammar of story structure; both visually, and with audio  He works mainly on long format feature documentaries and most recently in drama.  Andrew spent 18 years working with David Attenborough and the BBC’s Natural History Unit and has specialist factual knowledge most notably focused in wildlife conservation, environmental sciences, and evolution. In recent years music, and sound design for films has been a primary interest.  Andrew also works across multi platform programs, on live television "On Broadcast" productions, and made Content for the web.  


As a location sound recordist, I have been fortunate enough worked on a wide variety of programmes and have travelled across the globe working with large crews on promos and commercials as well as small self-shooting PD crews for observational documentary where working as a tight, efficient team is essential. 

 Each project brings different requirements from me personally as well as kit expectations. With this in mind I offer a bespoke kit rate for each shoot and always have options to hand in my crew vehicle which is fully insured for production team members. Due to doing more and more expedition filming assignments I have taken a number of courses to help with the demands filming in taxing environments, but they are also equally important and called upon in normal filming arena


Jake is a london based production sound mixer and recordist, with 10 years experience working on a range of productions including documentaries, PSC/reality TV, commercials and film and TV drama.

His credits include work as production sound mixer on the Lenny McClean bio pic "My name is Lenny" staring Josh Helman and the Award winning channel 4 mini drama "Cyberbully" staring Maisie Williams.

Jake has a full sound equipment package that will meet the needs of multi camera studio shoots for drama and commercials, or one man documentary work.

He Is also a full member the association of motion picture sound (AMPS).


From the wilds of Scotland, to the West End Stage and the villas of Majorca, Pete has got your location sound covered. Recent credits include sound supervisor on Channel 4's Eden and ITV2's Love Island; live sound for the BBC Rickshaw Challenge and location and studio work for The One Show; as well as sound recording for the Almeida's archive productions of Mary Stuart and Albion. Broadcast production clients include CenturyFilms, Brook Lapping and Prometheus. Alongside his television work, Pete provides location recording for corporate clients, including high profile campaigns with Vogue and Sainsburys. Adaptable and creative, Pete specialises in solutions for discreet and covert recording.









 Sean is a professional sound recordist with over twenty years in film and television productions.  He has travelled extensively to locations and studios all over the world.  Sean is frequently involved as a sound supervisor for creative and  technical sound solutions for large-scale projects.

Don Nelson is a freelance sound engineer with a decade of experience in the industry; covering production mixing, post editorial and studio. He works emphatically on every project to create a robust understanding of the needs of his clients and the opportunities and challenges in each shooting environment. Whether TV, documentaries, VR or feature films, his expertise stands out.  Don  has worked on ground breaking TV and documentaries from the BAFTA and OSCAR winning ‘Amy’ with Dir. Asif Kapadia, to series for institutions such as the BBC, Passion planet, National geographic and the burgeoning media that is Vice. He has worked with such a range of contributors representing the livelihoods of indigenous communities, social entrepreneurs, ideological extremists, the one per cent, and various minority groups.  On occasion you can find me delivering occasional workshops and talks on sound at various film schools in London.


Nathan is a versatile, omnicompetent Sound Recordist with a strong technical command, creative capacity, and confident editorial judgment. His efficient and discreet working practice ensures that audio is captured with minimal fuss, and that it serves the film, always with the edit in mind. His experience spans broadcast and feature documentaries, corporates, commercials, and features.

Starting as a documentary researcher/AP in 2003, his practical nature saw him transition to the camera department, where he climbed the ranks before focusing on recording sound for high-end documentaries. This mixed-discipline fluency means, when necessary, he is capable behind the lens.

Nathan is naturally inquisitive, well-travelled, good-humoured, and cooperative. Crucially, he doesn’t have body odour, and will be good company at dinner.


I'm Seb Blach, an experienced and reliable London based location sound recordist. During the last 10 years I've worked internationally on a wide variety of programmes for all the major broadcasters. Equally happy working on corporate and commercial projects, as well as formatted shows and single camera documentaries. Many months spent on rig shows with high track counts, and comfortable coordinating frequencies for shows involving numerous contributors and radio mics.

 I feel privileged to have a job that has allowed me to see so much of the world, and given me the opportunity to work alongside such talented people. I'm easy to get on with, enthusiastic and always willing to help. I take pride in keeping my kit well maintained and up-to-date, and make sure to carry enough to immediately cover the needs of most jobs. 

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